The Undefinable Music Scene

Music scenes provide a place of safety for the weirdos; they offer hope to the hopeless and joy to the sorrowed.  The music scene that you find yourself a part of does not matter. What matters is that it provides a sense of belonging, a place of safety, and a happy sound to your ears.  There are many music scenes, and there is one– or more– for everyone to be a part of.

The scene you find yourself a part of does not matter. What matters is that it provides a sense of belonging, a place of safety, and a happy sound to your ears.  

I find myself relating and connecting most to heavier music with deep, emotional lyrics. This is often found in the many varying genres encompassed within “alternative” music. Screamo, punk, rock, et cetera. All very different, yet all somehow similar. It’s hard to define what is and isn’t alternative, but the looseness of the genre is one reason why the music is able to appeal to so many people.

For example: an event like Warped Tour, considered an alternative music tour, offers a variety of subgenres on its many stages. The tour is able to keep running successfully, and keep people interested, because of the range shown on that lineup.

This scene is hard to define, yes, but aren’t all the best things? Try describing the feeling you get when you arrive at a concert. Try describing the moment you see your dog after being on vacation. These are absolutely special moments, but sometimes words and definitons aren’t enough to capture the feeling.

The alernative (or rock or screamo or punk or whatever, honestly) scene is all over the place, but in all honesty, so are the fans. The oddities of what fall under the term relates to the oddities of those who connect with the music. That’s what makes it so special: the people of the scene. The alternative scene is everchanging, but there are people who continue to find themselves drawn to it, because the original rebellion and creativity attached to the scene does not waver. Whether it’s old school punk, or newer heavy metal, there’s an angst to alternative music that people love and connect with.

And that’s why this vague, loosely defined, oddity of a scene is MY scene. Because it’s nearly impossible to define, and it’s kind of a mess. Just like me.